Life Insurance Without a Medical Screening

People who have chronic health problems are often under the mistaken impression that they will not be able to get life insurance. They think that the health screening that is required for the typical life insurance policy will exclude them from ever being able to secure their family’s future after they are gone. Luckily, this is not the case. There are life insurance policies that can be obtained without a medical exam.

Employee Coverage

Many employers provide all of their employees with life insurance regardless of their health status. These company life insurance policies are often very affordable, and they usually do not require a health screening. Though the amounts are usually limited, these employer-provided life insurance policies should always be taken advantage of by people who have health problems.

Guaranteed-Issue Life Insurance

Although the company life insurance is nice to have, millions of people without access to it still need life insurance. For people who heave health problems, guaranteed-issue life insurance is the answer. The name tells people the most important thing they need to know about this form of life insurance. Everyone who applies for guaranteed-issue life insurance will get approved.

There are several types of guaranteed-issue life insurance policies. One of the most common of these is mortgage life insurance. A mortgage life insurance policy will pay off the outstanding balance of a mortgage upon the holder’s death, which frees their survivors from the burden of keeping up with mortgage payments when the breadwinner is deceased.

There are also guaranteed-issue life insurance policies that can be used to pay off any kind of debt that the deceased leaves behind. These allow the survivors the flexibility to pay for the things they need the most. It makes things a lot easier for the survivor during a time in which they will usually be overcome with grief. This is a great service that people can do for their loved ones, ensuring that financial burdens are not added to the grief of losing a loved one.

These are some of the options when it comes to life insurance without a medical exam. There is no need for anyone to ever worry about their deaths being a financial strain on their families. With all of these options available, everyone can find the right kind of life insurance to ensure that their passing will leave their families with the money they need to move on.

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