Is Funeral Insurance Right For You

I was just recently having a conversation with a client and making the case for looking into a funeral insurance policy, also sometimes called burial insurance. Why should you consider funeral insurance? In my mind, it has two primary benefits.First, having a burial policy gives you the piece of mind that when you go to meet your maker you will not be leaving a rather large financial burden on your loved ones. Many people do not realize it, but the average funeral in the United States runs between $10,000 and $15,000. All those flowers add up quickly.

The second big benefit that a funeral policy affords you is that you can plan your final arrangements ahead of time and put the policy in place to ensure that your final wishes are indeed carried out.

It’s not exactly fun or pleasant to think about your inevitable demise, but the fact is that at some point we are all going to leave this world. Before you do so, you can sit down with a funeral director and plan things like what kind of service you want to have, do you want to be buried or cremated, where would you want your remains to be laid to rest, what do you want your headstone to look like and to say, the flower arrangements at the service, and the urn your ashes will be put in if you choose cremation.

If you do not have the financial ability to pay for your final wishes up front, you can instead purchase a funeral insurance policy with enough of a benefit to cover your projected funeral and final arrangement costs, and you can do so very cheaply. There are pleny of places where you can get a free quote on funeral insurance. Whether you are young or old (after all, we do not know when our time will come), you will find the price of a funeral policy to be fairly inexpensive.

I always tell my clients that making plans for their future is a necessary component of financial planning, and planning for what happens when you die, is a part of that plan. If you do not what your potential inheritance to be tapped into by funeral costs, just do not think that there will be enough money in your estate to cover the expenses, or a young family that could ill afford the financial burden of a proper burial on top of the heartache over a loved one, it is worthwhile to discuss a funeral policy with your insurance professional.

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